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Volcur Caverns Bosses
A guide done by Panic.
When you first begin fighting Jarob, a tank will have to take aggression of the spirits he spawns, they will create fire under whoever has their aggression. After you kill quite a few of his spirits, he will come and fight you himself. Someone other than the tank every 8 seconds will get a Red Orb around them, they have to be cured, or use a Cure Potion. Jarob will summon you too him, giving everyone on him "Molten Trappers" you have to break these, and he will be casting a spell that one hits anyone within a 7 radius of him. If you don't break these, you unfortunately will be stuck in his range, and get one hit.
When you start fighting Grandor, he will create two Vortex's, you have to divide into equal groups ( usually 2 DPS, 1 mage 1 tank in each group ) and attempt to keep the two vortex's as equal health as you can til they die. Once they are dead, Grandor will cast a spell, he is easy to kill alone, but his Vortex's are strong and must be dealt with first. This spell he casts cause you to have fire placed under you, it is less effective the further you are away. Rocksmasher Rorik:
Rorik is a relatively simple boss, have a tank hold his aggression. Every few seconds he will put a arrow on someones head, this person will take damage, starting at roughly 200k, and will deal alot less damage the more people that stack on this unfortunately player. After it hits, it leaves a pool of lava, dealing 2400 damage a second to anyone standing over it. After this phase is done, he will go into "Rock Storm" where he rains rocks on evey in a 3 by 3 radius, you should get away from Rorik and have your mages heal you. Don't go back til the tank does, or Rorik heads for the tank. After these two phases, Rorik will go into Landslide. He can't be hit in this phase, so just stay away. Falling rocks will one hit you, you must dodge them at this point. And once you have experienced all these phases, they will repeat.
One of the hardest of the VC bosses, each class has a different role. First lets cover his debuff. Everyone few seconds someone will get a debuff that causes everyone around them ( 1 by 1 radius ) to take 6000 damage, yes, 6000 a second. When you are meleeing this boss, til he gets 50% hp, you will be fighting little worms he spawns, cause you can't reach him. When fighting these little worms, each meleer should take a corner around it and not stand by each other to prevent damaging each other with these debuffs. ( The Debuff is a little red orb just like Jarob's.) Ranger and Mage DPS job, as a ranger, you need to make sure the little worms die in time before more than your team can handle spawn. As a mage DPS, focus on Lavorm and don't back off! Once Lavorm reaches 50% health, he will come out of his hiding, and fight you. Every few seconds past this point, he will disappear, teleport to a victim, and do Earthquake, a 2 by 2 radius AoE dealing 4000 damage and rooting the victims in place for afew seconds. This will repeat.
The hardest of the Volcur Caverns bosses, he is a mean son of a bitch. At the start, a tank will hold aggression. Mages will heal, and DPS will DPS. Every few seconds, fireballs will come from all sides, dodge them or die. When you happen to get hit by one, it leaves a pool of lava that does 2400 damage a second. Aswell as constant spikes ( little things that move around on the ground, hard to see, so pay attention to under you!) that send you to Volcur and do 6500 damage, Volcur will continue to burst your party with random 6500s to everyone every few seconds, healers, you need to use any AoE heals you got right after that 6500 hits your entire team ( espesially bards, use your 4 ) Anyway, moving on. At 30% he will summo his dragon, Marrock. This is where you succeed or fail usually. Marrock will burst your entire team for 5000s, and 3000s. A unlucky victim will experience an instant burst of 7500 sometimes. Healers, pay attention and keep other healers alive! There are no spikes and fireballs til Marrock dies and Volcur comes out again. Volcur will repeat what hes been doing the entire time til he dies.
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Volcur Caverns Bosses
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