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in game houses, new and EXPENSIVE kingdom houses..
well i think the houses and the subscriber houses are awesome and all but i came up with this idea today kingdoms. pretty much they are just like houses where you place them and they take up 1 space but when you go inside its a much larger plot of land and they are very expensive. 1st thing you see on the plot of land is a large wall with a gap which would be for a gate if you feel like showing it, and two square rooms on either side of the two wide gateway for watch towers. then you walk a bit on the stone path, right outside of your sight the the stone path should split and go four ways. the two divergent paths should have rectangular stone building on at the ends these can be used for whatever the player wants. maybe have some ores behind one so it can be a forge house and some animals behind the other so it could be a cook house, to make it a cook house would make the game need a few new items such as kitchen appliances. then you go a bit further on the path and right out of sight from the 4 way split there should be a large castle made of stone. the castle should be larger than subscriber houses. it should have many more rooms, a long hall for a table and chairs or anything else the players wish to place in it, a throne room, a treasury, a large bedroom (the addition of double beds would make this look good. (larger chests would be cool for the treasury) and outside there could be a training area with a bunch of whatever lvled animals seem fit for training at home. and instead of having a door lock and unlock option have npc guards who attack anybody who comes in when not alowed in by the owner. if i have any other ideas i will reply them and i would love to get feedback

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