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  • New Dungeon Arena system with tons of new bosses.
  • Eight new cloth types have been added.
  • Added loads of new craftable clothes.
  • Opening a shop interface will no longer refresh the pack if it is already open.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed more items than the max item amount in containers.
  • Players in a guild already will no longer auto join newly created guilds when in the creating party.
  • Fixed a minor lag issue with mob death.
  • Dragging equipped bags onto pack slots with an item in it will no longer glitch bag slots and hide items.
  • Crafting will now properly give skill levels when spammed.
  • Runes can now be marked in Underworld.
  • Fixed an overlay issue with recalling while on water.
  • Fixed an issue with party experience.
  • Uncraftable bows will no longer show up in the carving knife menu.
  • Opposite teams in Ahadile Pinnacle can no longer heal eachother.
  • Fixed an issue that could interrupt loot rolls.
  • Fixed an issue with leaving Mystic Caverns on Vikiar.
  • Suits are no longer equipped, but are split into multiple gear pieces.
  • Changed most gear to better balance it out.
  • Increase drop rates of various rare crafting materials.
  • Monsters that reset will now be automatically untargetted.
  • Slightly increased various drop rates of all Underworld bosses.
  • Increased delay between Jarob's Shrine Guardians spawning from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Cast time of Jarob's Cataclysmic Blast increased from 12 seconds to 14 seconds.
  • Made font color changes on many interfaces.
  • Bosses in Ahadile are no longer aggressive.
  • Necramor minibosses are no longer aggressive.
  • Crafted items now give less skill ups before not being able to give any.
  • Increased cooldown of Charge from 12 seconds to 18 seconds.
  • Default experience cap reduced from 10% to 8%.
  • Reduced gold prices on most gear and various rare items.
  • Reduced most sources of income by about half.
  • Lavorm will now apply Fiery Mucous to two players at a time.
  • Made changes to the map around the entrance of Mystic Caverns on Vikiar.
  • Changed color of party chat.
  • Improved background and borders of all display icons.
  • Moved Mystical Cave on Shinro closer to the teleporter.

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